Miley Cyrus- Top Requested Costume

The answer is yes, yes we can make your Miley Cyrus twerking Halloween dreams come true.


In the past 2 weeks alone, we have fielded over 50 written and phoned inquiries, 2 dozen orders. Easily our #1 top pick for costume of the year.


We knew it would be a popular look this season, and we are prepared. We can make this in any material and color. The original was made by a British company called Atsuko Kudo, out of latex.  Our in-house latex studio can make a similar set ($165), however we can also creat this out of wallet-

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

friendly spandex ($65), vinyl ($99), or the material of your choice.

We can also help your Robin Thicke, and make the bear costume and the finger 😉

Oh…and we promise your butt won’t twerk (read: spill) out of it…unless you want it to 🙂

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